An effective exercise program includes weight training, mobility, cardiovascular fitness and, RECOVERY!

Women need a balanced approach to their fitness training. There is a time for intensity, but there is also a time for pulling back. 

For too long we have been led to believe we must push through at any cost to progress, but this is untrue. Pushing yourself to the limit every session can reverse or halt your progress and cause injury.

There are many biological reasons, such as hormones, that prevent us from digging deep at times and I will work with you to help you to better listen and respond to your body’s changing needs so we can adjust your workout accordingly.

Progress requires rest days, good nutrition, quality sleep, stress management and recovery. 

My group fitness classes cater to all levels and exercises can be modified to meet your needs on the day. I also include Yoga in our timetable and encourage Meditation for a complete program of health and wellbeing.

Strength Training VS Cardio – What should I do?

BOTH! Finding the right balance between the two is where you will find the best results and that is something I’m passionate about providing for you.


30 years ago, it was rare for women to incorporate strength training into their regime; it was all about ‘the cardio’. Today, we know strength training is a must!


Strength training increases bone density and strengthens tendons and ligaments while muscle mass increases fat metabolism and gives the defined look many of us desire. 


Cardiovascular health is still important, particularly as we age and our risk of heart attack increases (exponentially after menopause) due to the decline of the heart protective hormone, Estrogen.


The key is finding the balance between the two, co-ordinating your exercise program to provide the greatest benefits and that’s where I come in.


I plan my classes around my client’s needs and will guide your movements, helping you to find correct form, keeping your workout safe and effective at all times. 

I’ll also show you how to train with the right amount of intensity, balanced with recovery so you’ve got the energy you need to power through your days.

It is truly empowering to be strong and healthy – body, mind and soul!