Tash joined the Sass Sisterhood in early 2020 and quickly committed to several classes per week. This has seen her technique, posture and fitness improved so much.


Since our recent challenge Tash has really focused on nutrition and surprised herself by dropping a few dress sizes. She is happier and healthier than she has ever been.


Sally joined us with her daughter late in November 2020 and lost 5kg in the first 4 weeks!


She is continuing her health and wellbeing journey and improving and building on her strength and agility .

Leigh has been with us since October 2019, I’ve nicknamed her sporty spice because she has 3 daughters who are athletes and her work ethic is of an athlete herself! 

This transformation has come from regular group fitness and determination. 


Carissa was thrilled to see how far she had come between photos, not just with weight loss but with increased strength and energy levels. 

These photos were taken 16 months apart with a weight loss of 25 kgs. Who said group sessions don't work!